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name: blades the copter bot

series: transformers rescue bots roar and rescue (Hasbro 2014)

notes: you have to buy this toy, no excuses. don’t watch the show? it’s an adorable pterodactyl, get it anyways. not a lot of money? it’s $3.99, cheaper than a typical legion class. don’t like blades? impossible, you gotta like blades. it looks too simple? it actually has a neat flapping gimmick and a clever transformation that really hearkens back to the g1 toys. it’s really small but heavily detailed and nicely painted, it’s quite sturdy as well which was surprising. look, just buy it, okay? stop reading this and go, go to the nearest target or walmart and snag this as soon as possible!

 for more info on this figure and many many more you can head over to this site here.

I’m sold.


name: rampage (protoform x)

series: transformers collector’s club exclusive (FunPub 2014)

notes: lord have mercy, this one is a beaut. i was not expecting this to arrive for another month or two, so this was an absolutely excellent way to wake up. the toy itself is gorgeous, with some truly amazing colors all over. that gradient effect is just killing me, i really wish hasbro would do this more often because it just makes the toy that much more epic.

the toy is using the transformers prime deluxe megatron mold, which is a good choice for this character. he really does look intimidating and downright fearsome. the quality of the figure is practically guaranteeing that i subscribe to them for many years to come. 

want one for yourself? i think that the deadline was met some time ago, but i’m sure he’ll be showing up on ebay soon with some ridiculous prices. there’s a bit more info here tho.


Time for a Transformers interlude!  Drift was one of the ‘bots I had the most influence on, as Anthony and I had to do a speed-run of it together.  I was frequently managing other projects in the studio while the rest of the team was in the Transformers grind, swooping in to finish up, fix facial symmetry, and perspective to many of the others to give them a uniform and clean look.  DRIFT, however, I got to paint on much more heavily.  The face and head, shoulderguards, and chestpiece were my focus.

Also shown are the pencils by Greg, and the wallpaper currently available on Hasbro’s Transformers site, if you’d like to go take a look!

I was heavily into oldschool Bumblebee and Hound as well, so I hope to do some posts on them too!

As always, see more at Pilot Studio’s website!